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With more than 3 billion users worldwide, social media platforms are as important as they have ever been. Given the extensive reach to a large user base as platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, targeted social media is a proven vehicle for effective and successful marketing. With the level of competition for marketing in this space, however, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge.


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Utilising innovative marketing campaigns and techniques, our business helps you to implement advertising that converts directly to achieve traffic, leads and sales. Whether you a sole trader or the owner of a small business we have the knowledge to give you the competitive edge, allowing you to achieve concrete results and value for money. From direct access to social media influencers to paid ads and organic posts, we provide proven marketing methods to bolster both your social media presence and the overall success of your business.

Why is social media marketing so valuable to your business?

As opposed to traditional forms of marketing and advertising, social media connects with users on a multi-faceted and direct level. In 2018, the average user spent 144 minutes per day across social media networking platforms. Beyond the social aspect, many users also use these sites and apps to seek out information on businesses, from potential customers to potential business partners.
Marketing through this media space also allows you as a small business or a sole trader, to target your adverts to specific pockets of the population. Given the advanced analytics utilised by social media platforms, the ability to find your prospective clientele and translate that into sales has drastically increased. Many platforms also allow you to see the native analytics and numbers for yourself, enabling you to develop a greater understanding of your brand engagement and track the success of your advertising campaigns.


The most popular social media platform in the world, an average of approximately 1.5 billion people log on to Facebook every day from locations all around the world. With such a large potential customer base and easily accessible interface, Facebook is an ideal arena to promote and sell your business whilst engaging with potential buyers. Both the browser site and the smartphone app offer various types and levels of advertising, from banner ads to sponsored posts, offer based ads, multi-product ads and more. With extensive knowledge on this platform’s analytics and marketing intricacies, we have the necessary insight into the inner workings of Facebook marketing. Our multi-pronged approach targets the three most important goals of Facebook marketing – awareness, consideration and conversion.


One of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, Instagram has a number of features that make it ideal for marketing. With a daily average of more than 500 million users across the globe, Instagram also encourages users to visit the app multiple times, with a number on inbuilt reward based incentives. From business pages to sponsored posts and more, there are many ways to target your key demographic through this platform. With an in-depth knowledge of the most effective strategies for marketing through Instagram, we have helped various small businesses and sole traders to establish a real presence, engage with users and translate traffic into financial success. Understanding how to frame a post, what time to publish it, how to create an effective and engaging instagram story and connecting you with influential profiles are all services we provide.


While you may not initially associate LinkedIn with marketing, using this platform can have many benefits for your business. From creating networks, industry connections, greater brand awareness and sourcing professionals, marketing through LinkedIn is essential to establishing your online presence. From marketing individual members of your staff or your brand as a whole, we have helped countless clients create numerous business partnerships and opportunities through this site.

For B2B Businesses, this site is a particularly excellent platform, due to the ability to market your skills, abilities and experience to potential clients and business partners. With our insight and knowledge of how to effectively market through LinkedIn we can drastically boost your success through helping you create a profile that attracts traffic, leads to partnerships and ultimately benefit your small, mid sized or individual business.

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Social Media Marketing


Marketing on social media is an ever-evolving landscape that can take a wide variety of forms. Three of the most popular and effective advertising strategies include paid ads, marketing through influencers and organic posts and engagement. Unlike outbound advertising through traditional sources, social media allows you to target specific demographics and customer groups, with ads guaranteed to reach your target audience.

Connecting with social media influencers is also an excellent technique to not only reach a particular base but also reach a greater audience on the whole. Organic posts and engagement on the other hand, help to establish the growth of your social media following and therefore creates greater brand recognition and prolonged success.

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Pursuing the complicated landscape of social media marketing can be a challenge, particularly when attempting to do it all by yourself. With the help of our professional social media marketing knowledge and strategic implementation, the process can be truly rewarding and has proven benefits for your business. With many years of industry experience, we understand the inner workings of all major platforms and constantly remain on top of the latest trends, statistics and analytics, providing you with up to date strategies that actually work.

With solutions tailored to all of the major platforms, we offer a comprehensive approach, encapsulating the latest up-to-date elements of social media marketing. Working hand in hand with each of our clients, we clearly explain and outline our intended strategy throughout the process.

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