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PPC - Pay Per Click

Googel Ads

Google Ads formerly known as Google Adwords is the dominant player in the ppc industry constructed from search ads on the Google search engine and partners, the massive display network and video ads including Youtube.

Google ads has the ability to provide extensive ad volume that creates great opportunity when is managed properly or great risk of burning through your budget with little to no results when not managed by professional.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads or as known as Microsoft Ads are an alternative to Google ads and their main competitor in the search engine industry. While Bing Ads has only a small amount of market share here in Australia, for specific niches Bing Ads can deliver quality results at a lower cost than Google ads. Bing Ads includes Bing Yahoo Duck Duck Go and MSN search engines.

Bing ads are a great option to deliver more results at a lower costs and is a great option to supplement your PPC strategy.

Instant Exposure & results

PPC Strong Points

PPC gives your business the ability to get sales or leads pouring in fast, you can instantly put your message in front of your potential customers. In addition one of the best benefits with PPC is that you pay for the ad only when your message had been engaged by your target audience. PPC is a great channel to grow your business when done right and would be a significant part of any digital marketing strategy.

PPC delivers fast results

Why every business needs to invest in PPC

PPC ads as its name is means you are paying for engagement with your message (pay per click). PPC gives your business the ability to put your message in front of your potential customers at the right moment. For example when a person search for your service at your location area. We can further optimise to show your ads at the right time location and to the right target audience which means your message will be engaged and will deliver results.

In addition as search engines driven by revenue and revenue is mainly generated by ads, ads get more and more prime realestate on the SERP (search engine results page) and PPC is the way to get your business showing at the most profitable positions above the fold and before your competitors.

the importance of having a

pPC expert managing your campaigns

PPC can deliver great results when done right, but have the potential to burn your budget with little to no results and create a lot of stress when managed by someone with little or no experience in the field. Therefore it is extremely important to have a PPC expert  on your side handling your campaigns to achieve your desired results.

Remember your business is not the only one running PPC ads and to get the edge on your competitors you will be better off with an expert on your side busting your competitors.

PPC Campaigns

PPC can be delivered in a variety of channels and mediums, PPC campaigns includes:

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